"You so reek Meryl Streep fan!"

"Play makes perfect. Practice makes permanent."

image from www.jburdimages.com

After I spend my entire day talking to other people, I get pretty non-verbal and only want to talk to myself and to various other characters roaming around in my head.  I shouldn't say 'and' about the other characters; I know they're all me but it doesn't feel that way.  And yes, they do talk back.  (Isn't that called schizophrenia?  My shrink says it's not, but hey, what the hell does he know?) That said, I make no promises as to how well I'll keep this blog; here's to hoping and to practice.  The hope is I'll be able to let you in on the conversation with myself (and others, too.  By which I mean other people who are, actually, not inside my head.  I'm not a complete vegetable).  The practice part is just that.  I want to add something to what I mean about practice, though; it only makes permanent.  I believe people improve when they play.  So my credo is a little different from the old, "Practice makes perfect."  My belief is, "Play makes perfect.  Practice makes permanent."

As for this blog, I know that I will post photos.  This I can do.  Photography is play time for me and I can also tell you one thing or another about the image or some thought relating to it.  Or I may just give you a recipe for mud pies. Please feel free to comment either way.

The particular mud pie shown above is a photo of me taken about a week ago.  It's a not-so-subtle submission to go with a write-up I did on Ski for Escapes Magazine. They tell me I'm a Ski Expert. "Ooooh!" I suppose I am, but in my mind it's only true if you squint your eyes and look through your lashes.  (Try it right now with this photo, see what you get with the little skier and the outline of Utah!)  While it is true I've skied my way across many resorts in the west and throughout Europe, I have never skied in Asia, South America, or New Zealand; or even Vermont (heaven forbid)!  Something to look forward to.  Can you ski in Africa?

You can check out the write-up this fall. Escapes is published exclusively for Cardmembers, so if you don't have an Amex Card, get one. Or borrow your friend's magazine; she's got one.

More to come, more to come.  Til then, ta ta old chap.