A favorite quote for your sunshine Sunday morning.
It's a Wonderful World. A goody from our friend, Mark Twain.

These are the moments that make life worth living



I could not resist posting my comment to another blog.  It's hosted by a group of female Mormon writers and is called "The Apron Stage." Their most recent post is called "Karaoke Comfort." If you want to read it, check out theapronstage.com.  Here's my comment:

There is nothing I find more exciting than singing women AND faux cat-fights (a la Jenna and her sister on all those talk shows – “I will cut you, bitch!”). Let’s face it, Lemon is fab – but Jenna gets some of the best comedy and she thinks she can sing. (As an aside, that same cat-fighting sister peed in her eyes when Jenna was just a wee lass.) Also, while we’re on 30 Rock, karaoke, and water sports, I LOVED the finale when Jack has the celebrity sing-a-thon for his dad – Kidney Now! My favorite is when Cyndi Lauper stops belting to giggle under her breath, “I’m one of the drunk ones.”

Personally, I have only sung Karaoke once. I have also only had kidney surgery once. I have been drunk. I can’t say anyone has ever done a sing-a-thon for me. Well, except perhaps at the party where I had my one, half-assed, karaoke experience. It was a Christmas party and I piped in at about halfway through “New York! New York!” The family who threw the party got a machine for Christmas and part of the party goal was to bring good cheer with high-kicks, singing, and an S&M theme. That’s kind-of a sing-a-thon, right? S&M! S&M-now! Well, if I were to have a new karaoke fantasy, it would be something like a Karaoke Christmas night ‘re-do’. There would be a similar theme (who could pass up “S&M Christmas.” The decorations alone…!) and I’d invite eight or so women to come. I’d be sure we only had one karaoke machine, one microphone, and one song track; something by Chris Isaak or Roy Obison would do the trick. Let the faux claws come out! “Give me that microphone! I will cut you, bitch!” Of course, the women would probably just take turns singing Wicked Game ninety-nine times and then make popcorn; completely foiling my genius plan to see singing ladies AND someone pull a Glenn Close! What ever happened to good old family fun with a scalpel, microphones, and pee in your eyes? Gee willikers, those are the moments that make life worth living! Long live karaoke.

I want to clarify something about my comment.  When I said "half-assed" I was referring to my lame singing attempt, not the party.  Though the occasion was well done, I played shy and sat glued to the couch during most of the singing part.  I did, however, manage to pry myself loose and put in a high-kick or two before the song was over.