It's a Wonderful World. A goody from our friend, Mark Twain.
Birthday Treat from Harold & Martha

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"Don't you love farce? My fault, I fear... Losing my timing this late in my career. But where are the clowns? There aught to be clowns. Don't bother, they're here."



I love that in the reprise, our lovers, now somewhat more sober, sing:

Desiree: Was that a farce?
Frederik: My fault I fear.
D: Me as a merry-go-round.
F: Me as King Lear.
F: Make way for the clowns.
D: Applause for the clowns.
Both: They're finally here!

After terrible, terrible days and nights, and together at last, the pair run off to Malmö! (Of course this only after she must do her 'purgatory' performances of Hedda Gabler and he promises to suffer with her and sit through each and every curtain.)

How unlikely life is. What a surprise.