In a Tree
Breathe Me

A Postcard From Hat Lady


This morning I woke up around 630a and got up for a while.  Went for a walk.  Went to Starbucks.

I came back and turned on the Audible device from my iPhone.  I'm listening to Carrie Fisher read Postcards From The Edge.

I drift. 

My dream proceeds from where I fell asleep.  I'm sitting in a small room with a stage.  Carrie Fisher is on stage giving a reading - presumably Postcards...

Sitting in front of me is Princess Diana and next to her on the right is an elderly woman, perhaps the Queen Mum.  Both are dressed up with hats.  The hat Diana is wearing is shaped like the one above, but made out of that paste material that hardens.  Also the brim is flat and smaller than the one in the photo.  Usually these hats are very dainty and intricate and the top is made of some kind of floral design.  If you know the kind of hat I'm talking about, please post it.  I'm pulling out the last two of my hairs trying to figure it out.  A mystery nearly always gets my attention.  Especially if it's a mysterious detail from a dream.  Another mystery is why Diana would show up at a Carrie Fisher reading.  The only parallel I can spot in my mind is the actress who announces the plans to destroy the new Death Star in Return Of The Jedi.  She looks a bit like Princess Diana.  She also speaks with a British-esque accent when she says,  "Many Bothans died to bring us this information...Admiral Ackbar please..."

Anyhoo, I'm listening to Carrie and I lean up to Diana and whisper, "I love your hat," in her ear.

She turns over her shoulder and grins.  "What was that?"  She says.  "I thought you just said I love you." 

I grin.  "No.  No.  I said I love your hat."  She turns back around and after a pause I lean forward again.  "I love you," I say this time.  I can't help myself.  When else am I going to have a chance to tease the princess of Wales?

She turns back around with a grin and then leans into the person sitting next to her.  Next thing I know the two are exiting and someone is coming to carry their chairs away as well.  I'm completely mortified but also excited to get home so I can blog about sitting next to and chatting with Princess Diana.  I stand up and scramble to put things in my bag and leave.  A carton of Marlboros falls out of my bag, which I stuff back in.  Or maybe I don't.  I can't remember if they made it back in the bag or not.

All the while, Carrie Fisher is going on and on.  "Immediate gratification takes too long..."  etc.

So I wake up and realize that I have nothing to report.  There is no Diana anymore.  

Carrie Fisher is still chatting away from my iPhone.  I feel very alone.

Maybe it was a message from beyond.  Whatever the reason, thanks Diana for coming to visit.  Did many Bothans die to bring me this information?  

I'm listening.