So yesterday I spent the better part of a three-hour class being critiqued on my draft of the prologue, and chapters 1,2 & 6 of my work.  It was tough, but very helpful and inspiring.  I'm quoting my instructor's written comments word for word:


This is working. I was really wary when I began the first chapter, by the second I was sucked in, and this one, even when you lost me a little, had my full attention.  I love the idea of an entire person (or an entire mind that takes on the attributes of a physical person) trapped inside another mind in a space of varying dimensions.  I particularly love how you deal with the physical attributes of this mind-space where the character is confined - how it stretches and contracts with his memory and fears.  I love the description of the space, the fire escape, etc.  There are a lot of names here, and it is confusing more than it needs to be.  But what a great draft, and what a daring idea!


Clearly I have some work to do, but I already knew that.  It's helpful to know where to start.  And I am thrilled that others in the class are interested in the characters and what happens to them.  Anya says my writing reminds her of Jorge Borges and Kafka!  They tell me they can't wait to read more.  To find out what happens and what has happened to bring these characters to the place they are now, to learn more about that place, and what the characters will do next.

This was the first real critique I've gotten for this work.  Writing is a lonely business and it's great to get an audience of other writers to cheer me on and offer suggestions.

I think maybe I can actually do this!