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Stranger #2: ET (aka Julian)

Stranger #1: Sam


My friend, Colleen, put me onto this.  There have been countless times on the train or walking down the street when I've wanted to ask a total stranger to let me take his or her photo.  I've almost always chickened out or listened to others who wanted me to chicken out.  Turns out there's a whole group of people who do this - members of the 100 Strangers project.  So here goes.  It's a great chance to get acquainted with new people and also have fun shooting a photo, as professional or snap-shotty as I please or circumstances allow.

Sam has the dubious honor of being the first stranger exhibited in my 100 Strangers Project. A native of Yemen, Sam has lived in New York for ten years. He owns and runs a bodega on 143rd and Frederick Douglas, called 143 & Express. If you're in the neighborhood, stop in and say hi.

Thanks, Sam!