An Old Ditty
Salt Your Neighbor, Salt Yourself...

A Day In My Town

Today was like Santa's bag stuffed full.  But the European Santa - the one with a dark side.  It was funny and heartbreaking, ridiculous and hip, a little bit of mundane and, raw, raw, raw!  From my hood in Harlem to spots around Lincoln Center.  We walked through the park and bid a fond greeting to the Bethesda Angel.  We took a train to Astoria and fought the crowds on 5th Avenue - ogling spectacle after spectacle.  We had French food and diner food and train rides and taxis rides, and walked for miles...

Thanks, JP, for our day-trip through New York.  My feet are sore and I've got a new bruise or two.  I feel like I'm ready for that long winter's nap... until tomorrow.