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Cabo Wabo Birthday

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Mi Casa Birthday Crown
This post is dedicated especially to my friend, Grace.  (Did you want a fictional name, Grace?  Let's call you Thandy... how does that sound...?)  This post is for my very good friend, Thandy.  She's leaving for Cabo this Friday and asked if I had any tips.  I've only been to Cabo twice; once on a cruise and the second time on a pretty structured site visit while I was working for American Express on Park Avenue.  But here's what I got...

I loved dinner at Mi Casa.  Yum!  And if it happens to be your birthday, which was the case for me, they'll even make you a nifty three-tiered birthday balloon crown.  And... here's the best part... after dinner you can mosey on over to Cabo Wabo and rock out with your birthday crown.  You will be the star of the show!  

We also did a dinner cruise which passed by the lovers beach at Lands End, where I saw this seal doing his own little performance:

If you're not afraid of sharks, which I am, go swimming out there.  Plenty of people do.  On my first visit to Cabo, I saw a Walrus eat a duck.  Yes, a walrus ATE a duck.  It was bizarre.  What kinds of bizarre experiences have you had here?

I love architecture and the way shapes and light interact.  I loved wandering through Las Ventanas - a gorgeous resort.  Also, if the One & Only Palmilla will let you on property without being a guest, they have an interesting view of a rock where pelicans hang out.  You could always go eat lunch at either property if you're not staying there.  Both are remarkable.



So, Thandy, that's what I got for Cabo.  Oh, and in case you've never been to Mexico before, fish tacos and shrimp tacos are sensational!  Eat heaps!

Anyone else have some interesting or strange advice for Thandy on her adventure to Cabo land?

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Properties mentioned which you can check out and book online:  Las Ventanas, One & Only Palmilla