Stranger #2: ET (aka Julian)
An Old Ditty

Stranger #3: Father Lashawn

I took a walk this morning along Frederick Douglas down to 125th street and ended up wandering the blocks a bit. I stumbled by Father Lashawn at 126th and Adam Clayton Powell Jr Boulevard. When he told me his name, I asked him if he was a religious Father. "No, I'm just a righteous man." We both laughed. After a bit of back and forth he asked, "Wait a minute, where'd you say you're from?"
"I'm from Utah." I said.
"Oh! You DID grow up Mormon then." And he saluted.
He asked me about living in Germany and speaking German. I told him a story about eating in midtown with my friend and sitting across from a couple visiting NY from Germany. "When I started speaking with them in German and then they asked me where in Germany I was from, my friend's eyes got pretty wide."
"Ho ho," he laughed. "He didn't know how good you really are!"
I don't get enough chances to brag about my good qualities.
Thanks, Father Lashawn!

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