In The Morning
M is for Montage

Stuff That I Made Up

Harry:  So your play is about us?

Erica: No, it's about me.

Harry:  Am I in it?

Erica:  Well a guy like you's in it but he's not you.

Harry:  What happens to this guy who's not me?

Erica:  I...I haven't totally decided.  He or... he can die.

Harry:  What are you leaning towards?

Erica:  Death... well.. uh... it's funnier.

Harry:  Oh, fun.. he dies of a funny heart attack.

Erica:  Well, he's sort of a schmuck who screwed around with our heroine so it won't be too sad.

Harry:  Schmucks are people too, you know.  Death?  Doesn't seem a little harsh to ya?

Erica:  I just went where the story took me, it's a work of fiction.  Just stuff that I made up.

Harry:  So I'm gonna be the laughing stock of broadway?!

Erica:  Harry, he's not you.  He's... a version of the truth of you, so to speak....

Then there's the great hint of what's to come in Paris.  Snow and the music of Le Vie En Rose...
...If only, right...?
A peaceful and loving reunion in Paris sounds good; for lovers, for friends, for broken or unresolved pieces of the past.  Where would you have a reunion? What would your reunion be about?