We Be. The Embodied and Relational Mind
Jason Jumps!

Places I call home

Some things I'm looking forward to in New York, that other city I call home: Brie & prosciutto sandwich from my favorite deli around the corner from my office; the theatre; the atrium across from Fiorello's; the jazz lounge in Harlem; Central Park; Ft. Tryon Park; a great Italian joint in Astoria; the Washington Bridge; the Brooklyn Bridge; the subway (which I both love and hate simultaneously); a greater mix of races, colors, and creeds (I know it exists here in Utah... but... well, just not even in the same ballpark folks...); my church friends in Harlem; the french bistro down the street from my church friends in Harlem; lunch at 'seven dorrar prace' with some of my Amex gal-pals (yes, I know calling it 'seven dorrar prace' is a racially opaque thing to say.. but hey, it's friggin' yummy and a total bargain!); east coast friends in general...

Things I will miss: My family. The mountains. The cathedral bells I can hear from my balcony.