Tat Tat Cat
Gag Order from a Paper Airplane

The 'BoM'

My dear friend, Allison, posted this on her fb wall. So... being the Allred-Facebook stalker that I am, I had to watch. Beautifully done. The animations are great and so is the message. There is little I feel that I KNOW in this life and having a fire burn within me that the Book of Mormon is true has not been easy, nor is it to this day, to reconcile with the other forces that tug at me. The thing about the Book of Mormon (or the 'BoM' as my friend, JP, likes to say...) is that the feelings it brings me are ones of peace. I have not always listened to that peaceful feeling when making choices but what I can say, without reservation, is that any empathy and understanding and wisdom I have gleaned from reading and praying about the Book of Mormon has been foundational for me in recognizing the other peaceful and joyful aspects to be found in life.