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Moths Break

Deck the Balls

So yesterday marked the end of a ten-year public singing silence for me. The last time was just over ten years ago at my father's funeral.  My offering wasn't Fritz Wunderlich (yet) but I was happy enough with it. As were others.

My friend, Scott, came up to me afterwards and said, "I had no idea. No idea you could sing like that."

For me, the best post-singing advice came from my good friend, Kristin - a woman who has one of the most gorgeous lyric soprano voices I've ever heard. Without batting an eye, she said, "Jason, you have a beautiful and powerful instrument in that voice of yours. I still want to hear more 'testicular fortitude!' Do you hear that?"

Ha! Yes, Kristin. Yes I do.

So here's to that. Three cheers to testicular fortitude! Not the kind that uses a femur bone to crush a foe. But the kind that delights, dances, and fills the room with a voice of one's own.