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Dolphins and Gang-Rape and Flares, OH MY

Street Fair Faces

Every year members of my church (Latter-Day Saints/Mormons) around Manhattan throw a street fair to raise money for various childrens' activities like summer camp, and to enjoy themselves and show off their talents.

Here is a montage of faces (mostly children) from that day.


**I think it's worth viewing in full screen and with some good speakers.  The Mark Abernathery/Sabre Rattlers rendition of this hymn is one of my favorites.**

Okay, I had to post this version as well. It was difficult for me to choose between these two because I love them both for different reasons. I ultimately chose the above because I like the contrast and I love the song and Mark's version of it. This one I like for other reasons. Again, it's an 'alternative' version of of "God Only Knows" and Natalie Maines is great at it. The only difference is the song.  The photos are all the same and in the same order.


Image ©Jason Merrell