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Come on now, people, must we always be 'offenders for a word?' You know it's true, my Romney-voting-friends, that if it had been Romney who delivered the 'bayonets' line, you would have laughed your heads off. I'm not required to believe it was accurate to acknowledge that President Obama's quip was laugh-out-loud funny!

In fact, I'm going to make a little contest out of this.  I will give away a JBurd iMages photo download of your choosing PLUS a three-night stay at any Best Western Hotel worldwide* to the person who delivers up to me the best New Yorker-style caricature illustration**.  It will feature Romney carrying a binder crammed full of flailing arms and legs sticking out in the one hand, and another binder full of old rusty bayonets poking out of it in the other hand.  Maybe they're tucked precariously under each arm as he sports a dopey smile... The image is so very wrong.  Do it, I dare you!

I say laugh your debate heads off and get your flying pants on.  Do it now.


*Three-night stay is based on availability using Best Western Travelcard units.  Availability is nearly always excellent. Click HERE for travel card details.

**Please send your entry in jpeg or pdf format to  Winner and selected entrants will be featured in a blog post here on  Entry must be submitted by 11:59pm EST, October 26, 2012.

***I just wanted to add a third set of stars to my post.  Stars Stars Stars.  Here you go: I said I thought the President's remark was funny.  I also think it was a bit petty and a lot inaccurate, you know, just in case that wasn't already clear.  For that matter, I thought both candidates were classy and hilarious at the Al Smith dinner.  Especially Romney.  Where has Funny Mitt been hiding?