What if this were my opponent...?
Out of the Breach - Getting A Divorce from Marriage

V for Ventriloquist

"You mean to tell me that, as long as I loudly and eloquently speak in support of LGBT and women's rights, that I can do WHATEVER else I want and they'll still fervently support me? So I can, like, sign stuff that will deal blows underlying those rights and enter into secret trade talks giving other countries and their companies more power than the citizens and companies I'm supposed to be leading, and... (chuckle chuckle) ...as long as I support LGBT/women's rights, they'll look the other way?! Nuh uh! So...so... how about, how about, um... so I can take over the radio and television and internet and all forms of mass communication if I want to? Yeah? I can jail or kill people whenever I want? Yeah? Really?! Michelle, are you getting all of this? This is sweet! If only that idiot buffoon of an authoritarian in V FOR VENDETTA had just supported LGBT and women's rights...! That Natalie Portman chick and the man in that stupid mask would so totally have voted for me! All of those stupid people in those stupid masks who were supposed to remember the 5th of November... would have voted for me!!! Moo oooh oooh ooh aah aah aahh! (Ah hem, sorry, I seem have a bit of a cold... Wait, you're not recording this, right? Goody.)"
                            -Barack Obama, President of the United States