M is for Maudlin

Another Attempt: Public Thanks

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(Another note from Jason...)

Dear Ed,

I know this is way over the top, but let's pretend today is 'award show day' because I really want to publicly thank some people.  Not for anything specific (though there are some REAL specifics), but for helping me to live a better life and inspiring me to create.  Most especially the 'amazing eight,' my sisters.  My lovely mother.  My brother Mike, who has paid for not one, but TWO cameras and has been my friend when it seemed no one else was.  My darling nieces and nephews.  Good friends - Aaron, Ruth Ann, Jake, Darren, Colleen, Kristin, Jeff, Jen, Jessica, Christina, Chad, Jason, Malcolm, Shannon, Madeleine, Elliott, and BB among zillions of others.  My cousin (who is also my soul's brother), Casey.  Some inspiring and insane visionaries - Anya, Grace, Josef, Marcus, Martin, Mark.  Also Peter, a person I sometimes want to punch in the face, but love and must thank especially since I am alive today because he was there.  One of my heroes, Clark from St. Paul.  I must dearly thank Mr. K, who, for an exhibitionist, plays deftly and much behind the scenes (you KNOW who you are!).  Papa and your choir of angels.  Sing on!  And the Gorgeous Gang of P.  Especially Big L and Big T, who got me started down the creative road in the first place.

My Advice:  LIVE WITH IT.

(The Slasher Killer Psycho Fiend)

P.S.  Whom would you thank in YOUR award speech?