From The Bowl: Farewell My Golden Koi
That I Know Well

To The Surf and Seagulls

I romp between what remains and my dark

Who squawks and rolls
With Elijah’s raging whisper

I press a puddle then
Wheel into darkness

I give her my stumbling lullaby
Conjure bridges and a tale of
Tumbleweeds and night lanes
Music on a stage with sailcloth
And Cherries
I hold my two cuff links high
Like genie lamps
"Glistening in the golden sun"
I stamp the sand to measure the hour

She smiles and turns again to
Stretch a deep sigh
Winking at daylight and
My shiny offerings 

They say it rains diamonds
On other worlds
And from thence to pearls

The moon works to
Bring her

It’s a playful if dewed flailing
Grand gesture on my
Hybrid Spine

To the Surf and Seagulls
I cry a wishing
Gorged in
Winged, dropped, and winking light

If you’ve seen her in it
You play
For days