Fuselage, Skelleton Statues, a Fiat, and the Tail of Two Purdies.
Post-It Poem Too - Sea Bread

Scurs the Burds, Scurcrrow & Scurbit

Water Lilies

Sophie: No I... I used to play but I.... I don't anymore.


I know I must have intended to write something oh so profound with this post.  I came up with a title that amused me and then saved it as a draft on November 19th at 22:57. The only other bit I wrote down was the single line of dialogue above.  It's like a note I began to write to myself and never finished.  Now I come back to it and can't remember what the damn thing was about.  I do know that after the line of dialogue, the three characters in the room take the D train to Coney Island. ("Oh boy!")

I added Monet's Water Lilies today.  My reason? It's pretty and a bit sad.  That's about all I got.

Rainy day today.  I went to Ikea with my sister and picked up props for a maternity shoot on Saturday.  On the way home I said that part of my brain thinks Mike is hiding in a closet somewhere. Another part can't believe he was ever here at all.  "The two thoughts are connected I suppose," I said.  "Where is he?"

Blah Blah Blah.

Anyone else want chocolate ice cream?