Dunkel Stumm
Light Spells


So... my apartment complex has this clunky plastic A-frame sign standing on the entry lawn and it's basically permanent. It says things like "Two Bedroom Blowout! Welcome Home!" in annoyingly 'happy' scrawl and with millions of exclamation points. It's tacky as hell and it has helium balloons tied to it! It's an eyesore. I keep hoping someone will come along and hook chains to it and drive it down State street dragging from the back of their pick-up truck. Because I'd cheer. 

This morning, a dad was carrying his infant daughter on a leisurely walk. When they got to the sign, he stopped. "Would you like a balloon?" he asked in a happy, cooing voice. Without hesitating, he took a small pair of medical scissors from his pocket, snipped the string, and handed a ballon to his daughter. He looked at me, smiled and nodded. I looked at him, smiled and nodded back. 

Can you think of a better use for one of these balloons? I say this was not theft! Okay, maybe it was but still, it was also an act of humanitarian kindness. Not only did this dad give his little girl a moment of delight and free this balloon from treacherous tacky-sign slavery, but in doing so, I thoroughly believe he balanced the universe just that much more for the rest of us.


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