Wild Green




A couple of weeks ago my friend, BB of Highland Park, posted her "act of faith" green smoothie experience. She based her recipe for said smoothie on guidelines from Abel James's Wild Diet. BB's post inspired me to do a few things. First, I bought a proper blender. I found a very nice Cuisinart for under a hundred bucks at Crate & Barrel. Second, I bought and read The Wild Diet and loved it. I don't buy every single thing he writes - for instance, he's not a big fan of copious amounts of fresh fruit, which I think is absurd - but I was besotted nonetheless. Third, I tried BB's recipe and then did some experimenting of my own. Here is my version of the smoothie. It's delicious and creamy and makes my tummy feel good.

Give it a try if you dare.  This is not one of those smoothies where you grin and force a smile for the camera.  "Mmmm. Yum. This is so so good...Promise. (Gag!)"  You will actually like it.  Well... I think you'll like it.  I do!

Jason's Yummy Wild Green Smoothie

2 1/4 cups total of vanilla flavored almond milk and cashew milk - how ever you want to divide them. I put in about a cup of almond and a cup and a quarter of the cashew.

Handful of organic spinach or other leafy greens. I've also used broccoli which works nicely.

Two or three sprigs of organic kale, stems and all.

3 to 5 peeled organic bite-sized carrots. Sometimes I like to cut up a bit of unpeeled sweet potato and steam it. If I do this, I also steam the carrots. (You can also steam the broccoli if you like.)

Heaping tablespoon of milled flaxseed

Splash of blackstrap molasses

Couple of pinches of dried crushed organic Stevia leaf.

Dash of cinnamon

Dash of cayenne

Spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder and a couple of shakes of Himalayan cocoa powder.

Four or five cubes of ice

Dollop of coconut oil, a squirt of fish oil, and a teaspoon of olive oil

Four or five strawberries. Leave the leafy tops on them. Blackberries also work nicely. Or both!

Half of a well-ripened avocado - not brown and mushy but the skin should peel off easily.

Blend well.