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Fresco Learning: Sketch #2

Fresco Learning: Sketch #1

I decided to learn how to use Adobe Fresco. I made this decision late Saturday night after chatting with my very visual-art-gifted niece and nephew, Ariel and Steve, who pointed me to Skillshare. I've used my Wacom tablet and Photoshop to paint/draw before. And I've also used Adobe Sketch to draw with my iPad, but only a couple of times since it's a lot more difficult for me with such a slippery surface. But I am determined... So here's my first sketch from Sunday. It doesn't have any overt significance for me, except to mark it as my 'before' sketch as I let the good peeps on Skillshare teach me to use Fresco for iPad. 

Ground Zed
Fresco Learning
Sketch #1
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