Fresco Learning: Sketch #6
Fresco Learning: Sketch #7

Stooge Blue

This one isn’t new. It’s an early iPad Adobe Sketch attempt. I was trying to figure out how to draw a decent newsboy hat in scribbles and it just didn’t work. I look like I’ve given myself a very bad bowl cut, and possibly a lobotomy. Together with the wonky shapes and colors… it’s not exactly a complimentary self-portrait. But it’s also true. We wrestle with facets and splinters through a glass darkly, and this part has a place. So… whatever… it also makes me laugh. I mean… please! Lord have mercy on this fool. 😂🙄

The title is morose and grandiose. Which satisfies...

“BlueBurd Worm that I Am”
2018 Adobe Sketch.

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